Why Modular?

They’re fast, easy, very well built, and affordable.

From the time you order your modular home, the factory can have it assembled and ready for delivery within four to five weeks. Since modular homes are built indoors, customers never have to worry about a weather delay. After delivery to the site, the house can be finished and occupied within eight to twelve weeks. And when it comes to affordability, modular homes tend to cost less per square foot than site-built homes, and are also more energy efficient, reducing your heating and cooling bill. Modular homes come with a lot of good quality advantages when they are being built such as, a trained and closely supervised workforce as well as larger, more powerful, and more sophisticated equipment assembling your house. This assembly occurs with precision jigs providing accurate construction in a climate controlled facility with materials protected from the elements. The highest quality, kiln-dried lumber are used for the fabrication of the house not to mention construction standards that meet or exceed local and state building codes, unparalleled structural strength, superior energy efficiency, and rigorous quality control systems with extended warranty coverage.

If you’re looking for a solid product at a friendly cost, modular is right for you.